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1. Revolutionary solution to the areas with electricity issues. Yes, this is a self-electricity generating house brought you by green Crystals.
2. 100% sustainable and no more delayed project management issues over electricity or diesel generators.
3. Incredible ROI plan and savings. Get in touch with our GREEN- Technical Team Now to learn about the benefits in figures.
4. Marketing benefits of becoming a "green" institution.
5. Measurable reduction in CO2.
6. Making a positive step towards making a difference towards climate change.

This revolutionary product can be customized to suit all requirements of our clients ranging from construction companies, corporate institutions, commercial exhibitions, labor camps, site offices, executive camps, security cabins, deserted areas, commercial modules to even residential villas.


1. All our products comes with standard electrical fittings (lights, socket outlets), and sanitary and drainage fittings.
2. As per client's requirements for the size of rooms as well as the solar air conditioners, the final design and proposal shall be made on that basis.
3. Energy efficient products with savings from 40-80% would be considered & incorporated upon the requirement of the client.


The inverters required to convert DC electricity generated by PV panels to AC for use will be wall or floor mounted at a suitable location within the cabin, located with the power distribution board. The PV modules installed on the roof will be connected into a room mounted DC junction box with cables from both the modules as well as the electrical devices to be used in the cabins.

This junction box provides a one point access for maintenance as well as modifications for any future needs. This aspect is part of our product design thereby providing our customers an easy to use & maintain system.


As the installation alters the character of the roof it does so by enhancing and embracing renewable technology. It makes an obvious statement there by not only making you a part of the GREEN change but also in a way showcasing your company's commitment towards the future of renewable energy resources.
The message through our products is clear and so is the statement you as a client portray which is adapting a solution that is not only functional but also contemporary sending a clear message that it is serious about the environment and climate change and is taking positive steps to do something about it.

In conclusion, this is making a positive move to become more sustainable and also to reduce energy consumption requirements. This incredibly innovated zero- electricity consumption portaSolarcabin is the answer for accommodation in places with no connection to the grid.All PortaSolarcabins can be customized to suit your needs and desired requirements.

rise up to sustainability. crystal by crystal™