At green Crystals™, we design & promote eco-friendly and sustainable projects to develop unique and elegant solutions for architecture and construction. We are the answer to the need for high-quality, affordable and reliable solutions & products at places where the electricity grid is either non-existent or unstable. Solar power can make a true difference in all these areas. We know solar power systems, and we know what it takes to provide the right combination of innovative products and proven technologies. Our relentless drive to develop innovative product solutions is matched only by our dedication to providing reliable customer support. No matter what your application demands, we have the right set of solutions to meet your needs. Such solutions will create awareness and make lives better, safer and more enjoyable for real people- you, your children and your parents, in a green and sustainable way.

let's light it up. crystal by crystal™


We have the most innovative approach to design and implement photo-voltaic applications for the United Arab Emirates. green Crystals™ covers an innovative range of green energy products & solutions for commercial, industrial, institutions and residential applications. To brief up, we offer customized solutions for innovative road and outdoor solar lighting, power back-up solutions at off-grid locations, solar-powered systems for irrigation, farming and residential places not connected to the electricity grid. Our approach does not require the installation of an electricity grid which is the major cost driver. This contributes further to the cost-effectiveness of solar power.

Simply because you won't find another company in Ras Al Khaimah, designing custom solar powered systems, just how you want it. And what's more, green Crystals™ provides you with systematic service and follow up by our committed installation, maintenance & service team. In addition to all that, we have a manufacturing facility and our own range of solar mounting hardware- poles for streetlights and mounting frames to hold all solar arrays of any size & make, be it ground or roof mounts.

green Crystals™ Mounting Hardware range are thought up with innovative designs, and then integrated with the engineering expertise of metal works by Julphar Metal Construction Industries (steel-fabricators since 1990) to bring to you high-quality, reliable and cost-effective mounting structures. Get to know more about us at www.julpharmetal.com